Honor Those Who Served.

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Michael Murphy
([email protected])

Bio Summary
Michael Murphy, a Texas State Guardsman and veteran of the United States Air Force, carries Old Glory high and proud to honor those who served the United States of America. The intent of each Honor Flag Run is to encourage the service member or surviving family members and reassure them that their service and sacrifice is acknowledged and appreciated.

Honor Flag Runs involve carrying Old Glory, for a specific person in honor of their service. A different flag is carried for each Honor Flag Run, bearing the name of the honoree. Following the run, the flag is presented to the honoree or surviving family member. Generally ranging from 5K (3.1 miles) to Ultra Marathons (greater than 26.2 miles); to date, the longest distance of am Honor Flag Run is 150 miles. Each mile serves a purpose – to honor those who served.

Links to published pages, articles, podcasts and videos follow:

Dorsey Healthy Living Show (07/23/2020)
Sarah McCafferty, proud daughter of Col. Randall McCafferty (United States Air Force), shares the story of when two runners met on a plane and reunited a year later at the Marine Corps Marathon (2019) to recognize her father for his honorable service.

ABC13’s Steve Campion reporting from Memorial Park, Houston, TX (03/23/2020)
Amid the cancellations of running events due to COVID-19, Honor Flag Runs continue; this run was for Maj. Jack Ledford, United States Marine Corps.

GenX Fit Podcast by Cliff Saunders (01/23/2020)
Podcast interview about the mission of Honor Flag Runner.

ABC13’s Houston Marathon 2020 “Finish Line” (01/22/2020)
Featuring Honor Flag Runner background and presentation of Honor Flag to MSG Elmer “Skip” Ramsey (United States Army and Texas State Guard).

ABC13’s Chaz Miller summarizes the Honor Flag Runner Mission. (01/15/2020)
Preparing for the Houston Marathon, Chaz Miller conducts interview at Meyer Park, Spring, Texas.

Houston Chronicle: Honor Flag Runner (10/01/2019)
Honor Flag Runner carries Old Glory to honor living and fallen soldiers.

Charity Miles: Member Spotlight (02/03/2019)
Blog by Charity Miles highlighting the background and mission of Honor Flag Runner.