Ken Johnson, United States Army (retired)

On 17-Feb-2018, Old Glory flew high and proud in honor of Ken Johnson, a US Army Veteran (101st Airborne) and the Screamin’ Eagle of the 101st soared in this event too! Ken served as a Ground Commander during the Vietnam War.

Upon completion of the run, the 101st flag was presented to Ken to celebrate his service to our great country and recognize his amazing accomplishment of finishing his 98th Half Marathon (would have been his 101st, if Hurricane Harvey had not delayed his scheduled events). Prior to this event, Ken already completed 101 Marathons, so this feat of achieving 101 Half Marathons is a fitting tribute to his beloved 101st Airborne.

This was my first Trail Run – what a difference! It was great to share this experience with my sister, LaVonne Schepis and my two sons, David and Jordan Murphy. My dad was there to support the family while he was still recovering from back surgery. There is something special about having my boys participate in this event – where they see heroes honored for their service. I hope they remember the importance of such recognition for our service members and veterans for many years!

This was my first event with Team RWB (Red White Blue members are called “Eagles”). I have really found the right nest – these folks are crazy as I am, we love our country and each other!
OOO RAH, AH ROO, HOOAH, and YEE HAW (you know, we do have a few patriotic civilians).