Frank James Palmer, United States Army (WWII Veteran)

Frank James Palmer, United States Army (World War II Veteran)

On 18-Mar-18, Old Glory flew high and proud at the St. Paddy’s Day Recovery Run (a benefit for the Semper Fi Fund), in honor of U.S. Army Veteran Frank James Palmer who served as a carpenter in Italy during World War II. At the time of his enlistment, he likely had only a few assumptions and a lot of uncertainty as to the conditions to which he would be subjected as he joined the ranks of other young soldiers to defend our freedoms from the most significant threat in world history!

His honorable service was recognized and the flag carried in his honor was presented to his daughter as a reminder of our appreciation for his service to our great country!

LaVonne Schepis joined me on a trip to Washington DC. She carried this flag for a segment of this event to honor her grandfather, as did I.